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states. what do you think about that? > > like they say, the the united states is the best house in a bad neighborhood. 80% of their sales come from the united states, so they're very very strong in the united states. they don't have a lot of overseas presence, which is also why i like the stock. i think only about 4% of their sales come from europe, so that's a good thing. as the economy weakens, where do people go? they go to these sin stocks. as terrible as it is to say, when the economy's a little bit weaker, when unemployment is not that good, they tend to drink a little bit more. so actually these companies - if you look at pm, philip morris, that's on a 52-week high as well. these are the sin stocks that actually work well when the economy is a little bit weaker. i think stz is headed one direction and that's to the top right, and i think it's going to $40. > > andrew keene, president of > > thank you. that's it for today. coming up tomorrow, a glimpse at how candidates buy their way into office. the author of "billionaires & ballot bandits: how to steal an el
throughout the united states coal industry due to mr. obama's 'war on coal' and the destruction that it has caused to so many jobs and families in the ohio valley area and elsewhere." "i think it's the 'wild wild west.' restrictions are needed on those with so much money and so much political power." allegations against murray energy sparked a federal elections commission complaint and a call for the u.s. attorney in northern ohio to investigate. these are hardly the only allegations of political pressure employers are applying in the workplace. two weeks ago, employees of koch industries received voter information packets full of company-endorsed republicans warning that "employees and conctractors may suffer the consequences of voting for president obama and other democrats." "realistically, the best they could do is file a complaint with the nlrb under nlra to voice their right as a unified group of employees." labor attorneys say this trend will likely lead to modifications on how the citizens united decision is applied to employees in the workplace. the ruling is only two years old. un
include investmnents outside the united states and in chinese companies. mr. president have you looked at your pension? have you looked at your pension? mr. president have you looked at your pension? "you know i don't look at my pension, it's not as big as doesn't take as long...i don't check it that often." "look at your pension. you also have investments in chinese companies." the next debate happens next monday night in florida. the topic will be foreign policy. money talks in this election. matt nesto of yahoo finance is here via skype. good morning. please bring us up-to-date on campaign spending by the presidential candidates. who has the most money to spend? > > the latest federal election commission numbers show that president obama out-raised governor romney by about $10 million. but it doesn't seem like anybody is hurting for cash based on the sheer volume of advertisements that are being purchased out there. one little anecdote that i did read is, i think it was wyoming or morth dakota, one of the northwestern markets, very, very actively being solicited for ad
regarding the united states, but also in those skirmishes between turkey and syria regarding the government in syria and the civil war that's taking place there. likewise the rapid devaluation of the iranian currency being fueled by hyperinflation seeing significant middle eastern money using a flight to quality trade by purchasing gold. > > speaking of which, everybody is talking about gold this week. is there too much bull? is it time to become a contrarian? > > i don't think so. gold has some interesting winds at its back. for example, today the ecb and bank of england met and kept rate policy the same, so we continue to see global inflationary policies out of central banks. likewise there continues to be union strife and worker strife in south africa, which will contribute to the metal. and then of course, as i mentioned, tension in the middle east is seeing significant middle eastern financial concerns buy gold in a flight-to-safety trade. > > have a good friday on this jobs friday john. > > thank you. looking ahead, this year's fourth quarter may be the best for job seekers since just
of a gallon of unleaded is up 37 cents compared to 2011. "this year, there's pockets of the united states, particularly in the west and northeast, where there is extremely low supply, which has pushed prices even higher in those regions. that was beth mosher of aaa. refinery shutdowns on the west coast and closed plants on the east coast are reducing supply. some analysts take another view and predict gas prices could actually fall 10 to 15 cents based on histroic data. meanwhile, a poll by gallup indicates voters are barely concerned about prices at the pump. the nasdaq nixed early trades of kraft foods. yesterday, trades of kraft foods were cancelled after being deemed erroneous. this week kraft and its snack business mondelez international split into two separate public companies. yesterday in early trading, kraft shares jumped to $58 after opening at $45. nasdaq is looking into what happened. all trades above $47 will be cancelled. a merger between t-mobile and metro pcs creates a big player in prepaid phone cards. the struggling wireless companies are combining cell phone businesses
picture and this hurricane has been a terrible thing for the united states but i think the stock market held up yesterday because of that. there are reports that the jobs number was due out on friday could be delayed beacue of sandy. what's your reaction to that and what are traders saying about that? i think most traders are expecting it to be delayed but we can't compare sandy to anything else. it's so much bigger than any of the other hurricanes that hit the mid-atlantic states in a very long time. so, with that in mind, the fact that the exchange hasn't closed down two days in a row since 1888 due to weather. the pls report coming out a day or two later---its not really a factor right now. good to have you on the show. that's larry shover of sfg alternatives at the cme group which does have trading going on. thanks larry. hurricane sandy--a stitched- together combination of worst- case scenarios is raking the east coast. in our cover story how sandy is shutting down everything including parts of the economy. but will the effects be lasting ones? sandy's frightful combination of lat
the euro drop a little bit here. > > here in the united states a lot of people are concerned about alcoa's earnings, which come out after the close and kick off the earnings parade. > > earnings cycles the last couple of cycles have been "expect the worst and get mediocre," which ends up being bullish. remember, this is a market of expectations, not of results. we're actually seeing a lot of call buying in alcoa ahead of the earnings, so don't be shocked if we get a little bit of a pop tomorrow, and that could really set a precedent for the entire earnings season. > > we also saw some unusual action happening in netflix yesterday as well as apple, apple selling off and netflix becoming a momentum player again. > > netflix got a nice upgrade. it's really moved higher, it's always been a volatile stock. i think it's a trader stock. i'm not sure if it's an investor stock. apple getting smoked on the foxconn problems - and those are real problems. it will be interesting to see if they get that in line. the stock is now off about 10% from its highs. you've got to think that - there were a lot
in the united states. if you took a look at other populations of other countries, you would find that out of 195 countries, the black population is bigger than 163 countries, including canada and argentina. so definitely we have a lot of consumers here, and the power that they bring to the table needs to be recognized. > > and it is growing. what was the figure i saw? by 2015 it will be over a trillion dollars? > > by 2015 the buying power will be 1.1 trillion dollars. > > and yet there is this disparity in how advertising dollars are being spent to reach or to kind of ignore that market. > > i think one of the things that advertisers mistakenly think is that because there are no language barriers like you have with the asian community or the hispanic community, that blacks can be reached simply through general market advertising efforts, and that's simply not the case. what you see is, last year, in 2011, there was $120 billion spent on advertising with general marketers and advertisers. only $2.1 billion was spent with african-american media. so that's a little under 2% of all advertising spen
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8